Know the true value!

NMX has developed a reputation as one of the most trusted names in heavy equipment valuation.

The Appraisal Process

NMX will visit your site to conduct a thorough physical inspection of all the subject equipment. We will take photographs and also record and verify:

  • An exact description of each item, including year, make and model
  • The serial number or vehicle identification number
  • The hour meter or odometer reading
  • Additional features, attachments and upgrades that enhance the value of the unit
  • The condition of each unit
  • The undercarriage or tyre condition
  • Any owner’s identification and plant numbers

Information that is collected during the physical inspection in addition to any client supplied Component/CTS and SOS reports for example, is inputted directly into our asset management system. This information is then compared to current market sales data including auction results to assign relevant values on the respective items.

Following the completion of the valuation, you will receive a detailed formal valuation report which also forms an up to date inventory listing.

Sell Your Equipment

If you decide to sell, we can confidentially and at no obligation discuss your selling options, offer multi-channel sales platforms to further promote the sale and offer a range of flexible contract options.

Contact us for a quote or an accurate valuation today.